Woodstock Aikido Martial Arts Training
Woodstock Aikido
At the Byrdcliffe Barn
Upper Byrdcliffe Road
Woodstock, NY
(845) 901-5908 Marilyn
(845) 853-5269 Brian

Woodstock Aikido

A Beautiful Traditional Dojo in a Unique Rural Setting


Woodstock Aikido is a United States Aikido Federation Dojo led by Harvey Konigsberg, 7th Degree Black Belt.

Aikido is a dynamic, effective and powerful martial art, the aim of which is to develop mind, body and spirit through training. More than a sport, or merely exercise, Aikido is a spiritual practice which emphasizes cooperation and resolution of conflict through non-violence.

Visitors are welcome! You may come and watch any scheduled class.

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Woodstock Aikido Martial Arts Training